The Fantasy Rugby Yanks Podcast

Season 3- Episode 27- This is Not AAU Rugby (Premiership Round 19 & Super Rugby TT Round 1)

May 19, 2021

It's those American rugby knuckleheads coming at your with more fun for your to laugh at. In this episode we talk about a certain Eagle that's also a Falcon, or you know at least for a little while longer. We address the tip of a very nasty iceberg in terms of what USA Rugby can do to get itself going, and an AAU team is not the answer. We talk about the new 7's league popping up over on this part of the earth and what the different pros & cons to it are. Of course we wrap all the action including a very bad bad man playing for Bristol and the first weekend of Trans Tasman Super Rugby. A bit about some Champi-Yanks League and you've got everything you need. Kick back, grab a nice beverage and tune in!

Don't forget, we are putting together a 2nd Tier of Champi-Yanks League! You've heard us babble about it and if it sounds like fun to you, please hit us up via email or twitter.

Also, ask us questions via Twitter: Jarrod- jdyke8man & Ben- admrablsnackbar. Send us your thoughts for the show and questions for upcoming shows via e-mail Of course we welcome feedback via e-mail, twitter or by rating/reviewing the pod on Apple Podcast.

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