The Fantasy Rugby Yanks Podcast

Season 3- Episode 29- It Means A Lot ‘Cause We’re All Crying (Premiership Round 20 & Super Rugby TT Round 3)

June 2, 2021

It's those lovable American rugby dopes talking about that leather oblong ball we adore. In this episode we talk about a couple of unfortunate retiring players due to injuries and the slight difference between the two situations. We of course dive into the action from down under including the not so funny business D-Mack was up to. We bring it north to discuss a couple refereeing styles that we saw this weekend and why neither is necessarily right, but one is more tolerable. Yes we dive into the Premier 15s Final between the Quins and Sarries, that Mum you never mess with and that interview we all were finding the tears about. All this, the whip around for all 3 leagues including MLR and more. Crack a couple frosty ones and tune in!

Don't forget, we are putting together a 2nd Tier of Champi-Yanks League! You've heard us babble about it and if it sounds like fun to you, please hit us up via email or twitter.

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